Our candidate placement process helps us match candidates to specific jobs. We go beyond resumes in order to find the best people for each position.

Understanding Your Needs

We cannot possibly match employees to companies until we understand a company’s needs. We interview companies to find out what they need out of the position. This helps us set parameters during our search.

Customized Search

With the information from the interview at hand, we conduct a customized search. The search includes applicants in our database, as well as referrals from our network of contacts. In most cases, we receive several tentative matches. At that point, we conduct further research to determine if each person is truly a good match for the position.

Interviewing Process

We select our best applicants and then check their references and interview them ourselves. This prevents you from having to spend time on candidates who are not the right fit for the position.

Bringing the Candidates to You

After the interviews, we typically determine that several people are a good fit for the position. We present you with the candidates and then go through an assessment of each one to help you make your selection.

Follow Up

We always follow up on placements to make sure that everything is going smoothly. If needed, we can also provide additional support for you and the candidate.

Our candidate placement process ensures that we find the best candidates for the position, without error. That is why our placements have solid retention rates.