1. What makes DJP different from all other firms out there?

We are the fine jewelry and luxury goods industry’s only full service, retained, investigative search firm.
We take a comprehensive look at the culture of the company and then scour the market to target people who best fit the requirements of the position. DJP is NOT a placement firm. We never look for a quick fix or the easiest solution; we look at the big picture. Our mission is to locate the ideal individual who can not only successfully integrate into an organization, but who is also capable of raising the bar.

Our many years of experience in the jewelry industry have enabled us to specialize and focus on that discipline alone. As such, we have built a personal network that extends to all corners of the fine jewelry and luxury goods industry. We do not run blind ads, nor do we post client job openings on the internet. Unlike other firms in the staffing industry, we do not look for our candidates on internet job sites or other large bulletin boards; our searches are always personalized and targeted.

2. What type of Placements do you do?

DJP has placed individuals at all levels within the fine jewelry and luxury goods industries. There is NO job too large or too small for us to find the perfect candidates. Approximately half of the positions we fill are in the retail sector and the other half in manufacturing, supply, and design.

DJP has often been consulted to assist in creating new positions in sales, loss prevention, distribution, M.I.S., credit, operations, advertising, marketing, product development, manufacturing, fashion and design.

3. What methods do you use to place individuals?

The key word for DJP is search. Person-to-person contact is our primary means of placement. We are investigators who have earned a reputation for being highly selective, exceptionally discreet and expedient. DJP never works from unsolicited resumes, nor do we cull large databases online or run advertisements to find candidates.

Like a fine tailor, we aren’t accustomed to altering off the rack — our placements are made-to-measure. The match we make goes well beyond filling the position’s requirements. We make it our business to find individuals whose chemistry, image and criteria exceed the expectations of the client. That is why we are the only executive placement firm confident enough in our services to guarantee all of our placements for the length of time we do.

4. Does DJP guarantee its work?

Absolutely. It is in no one’s best interest for a placement to fall short. We do our best to research both the candidate and the culture of an organization, but on rare occasions, the fit simply is not right. All of our management placements come with a one-year replacement guarantee and our sales professionals and in-line positions are guaranteed for six months. This policy is one of the many reasons why our reputation with the industry is impeccable. In over 10 years of business, placing hundreds of people, this replacement guarantee has only rarely been invoked. We are always looking to build your A team with A players.

5. How does the process begin?

Finding the right candidate is a complex challenge. Our core business is to ensure that challenge is met and to find exceptional leaders for our clients. We are specialists in the fine jewelry and luxury goods at every level from manufacturing and design to wholesale and retail. We have a deep understanding of our specialized market and conduct extensive research for each assignment. We work hard to build high performance teams for our clients.

6. What is the key to DJP’s success?

Strong values, collaboration and a culture of excellence. We continually strive to be the best rather than the biggest. Our emphasis is always on outcome: how does the search solution impact client performance? Our focus is providing unmatched customer service and retaining our clients as business partners in the long term, because we deliver a superior experience second to none. DJP has a reputation and track record of operating with the highest ethical standards. Our clients can have full confidence in working with us to fill their positions.

7. What organizations or groups is DJP involved with?

DJP Executive Search is proud to be the only staffing firm that is a member of the American Gem Society (AGS), and the Diamond Council of America. We are also members of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, MJSA and WJA. Debbie Dern and Jon Parker have also been asked to write a monthly column for JCK magazine, have written articles for Professional Jeweler and are frequently quoted as industry experts. Most recently, DJP has been appointed the Official Executive Search Firm for Luxury By JCK 2006.

8. To what other avenues do you lend your expertise? (Trade publications, career counseling etc.)
Are there any industry events that DJP participates in?

DJP’s principal, Debbie Dern, and EVP, Jon Parker, have over 45 years combined experience in the market. They like to give back to the community they serve, and as such, often attend the various jewelry market events including JCK, Centurion, JA, Couture and MJSA shows each year. In addition, both Debbie and Jon have participated in the GIA’s Career Seminars in Carlsbad and New York; there they participate in mentoring sessions, working one-on-one to field questions from upcoming graduates, who are young designers and career aspirants, sharing their vast knowledge of the fine jewelry and luxury goods industries.

9. Which companies and organizations have you worked with in the past?
DJP has successfully placed individuals with numerous better independent jewelers and suppliers including Leo Schachter Diamonds and Tapper’s Diamonds Fine Jewelry and Lazare Kaplan.

10. Who pays for placement?
Fees incurred for filling a position are always paid for by the employer looking to hire an employee and never by the employee looking for a job.